Upper Deck Sports Classis
Statesville NC

12U at I-40
1206 Museum Road Statesville

14U at Seratoma

139 Deitz Rd

On-line rosters are required April 1 to July 31, 2014
Players can only play on 1 team regardless of age or organization. This applies from April 1 through July 31, 2014
A player can only change teams with a written release from her coach.

Notice: Games times start at 8:45 Saturday.  After the game teams line up on foul lines and recite Pledge of Allegiance. Bring you flags

Notice:  Sunday Devotions: Sunday games start at 8:45 on all fields.  After games are completed on each field the umpires will  start the next games 15 minutes after the completion of the 1st game.  On each field teams can choose to get together and pray have devotions.  Coaches on each field should discuss prior to start of game.  Also teams coming on field for 2nd games can have devotion at this time.  They can join teams on the field or do alone.  NSA request NO Practice on fields during this time.  Teams or individuals have the right not to particiapte.
Please click the link below and
Pool Games & Bracket are posted!!!


Good sportsmanship on the part of coaches, players, and fans is expected and required!!!
Upon arrival coaches must check-in and turn in a copy of your NSA signed roster and proof of insurance. You can use a paper roster. All paper work must be turned in before your play your first game. 

Click the Tournament Results link below for Game Times & Brackets!!!