2017 NC NSA
Showcase & Special Event Schedule & Information

Listed below is a schedule for the 2017 season for Showcase & Special Event Tournaments. 
For any additonal information on any of these events please contact Howard Edwards

NOTE:  This year we are including all tournaments for High School Age Group.  We find that some older teams prefer to play just regular tournaments with brackets, therefore we are doing some of both.
NC NSA is working hard to provide you the teams with quality showcase events. We want to provide your players with the most exposure possible to have the posssible opportunity to play at the next level.  It is of most importance that the teams, coaches and players commit to showcase events as soon as possible.  When you enter your team early, we can contact college coaches in the region and give them a team list.  Also players and coaches should also contact colleges that they want to attend  showcase events.  

RAIN POLICY - All outdoor events run the risk of being affected by the weather. NC NSA will make every effort to make sure that each team plays as many games as possible. Any team that plays fewer games than the guarantee will receive a $35.00 per game refund on Showcase or Special Event tournaments. Any game that goes 30 minutes or 3 innings is considered a full game.

DROP OUT POLICY -Teams that withdraw after being placed in Pre-Pay Special or Showcase Events will receive a refund -$100 administration fee prior to schedule being posted. Teams that drop after schedule is posted will not be eligible for a refund.
NOTE: The schedule for these events are posted in most cases 10-14 days prior to the events. Therefore any team that drops after schedule is posted teams will forfeit their right to any refund.

 Some of the details on NSA Showcases for 2017 is incomplete at this time- Posted December 28, 2016
We will post information by Janaury 31, 2017 or before
Profiles: We will be posting links that will allow you to do profiles on-line.  These will go up for each tournament starting about 3 weeks in advance.

Date Tournament Location Director # games price other

Below is a link to help provide information on the NCAA Recruiting Guidelines.


Send e-mails to Directors to enter tournaments
Advance pay required in all tournaments 3 weeks in advance
You entry is not guaranteed till payment is received

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